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When I arrived in Leeds it was cold and dark, but meeting Harmony Choir brought instant sunshine! Meeting a choir for the first time you never know exactly what to expect, but they immediately struck me as a bunch of people with energy, fun and stories to tell – perfect for our session!

After a warm up, we started work on Thula Sana, and I was amazed how quickly they responded to new ideas and how well they coped with taking on lots of new information. We worked on telling the story of the piece by shaping the music and the words, looking at a number of different ways to make this happen. There were smiles all round – and that was even before we started singing Fruits of Our Gifts! This is when I made my biggest discovery – this choir can DANCE! We had such a great time singing and dancing together, and they didn’t need much encouragement to keep their energy levels up.

The spirit of the choir is perhaps what is most striking about them; this is a group of people who come together because they want to sing, and they’re having a great time doing so, thanks to their inspirational leader. She has a difficult job because the membership of the choir is very fluid, and in fact there were four new people in the choir that night, but she is committed to keeping them singing and so they do – from the heart, with great generosity.

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