Signed Songs R Us

Signed Songs R Us

Signed Songs R Us are a Deaf choir from Dundee, they meet once a week and have nine regular members.

“Being deaf from birth, most of the members have never had the opportunity to join a choir. They are truly amazed at an audience’s reaction when they sign the songs” Jennifer Ramsay, Signed Songs R Us Choir Leader 

Getting Started

In 2013 at Tayside Deaf Hub, British Sign Language interpreter Jennifer Ramsay was asked to teach a couple of songs to a group of deaf people. Jennifer had no background in singing or leading a choir but such was the success of the performance, Signed Songs R Us was born!


With the demand and enthusiasm there to set up a choir, Jennifer just needed to find a base to get things going. Tayside Deaf Hub kindly offered a rehearsal room for free and the choir gratefully accepted, offering to help fundraise for them.

Each member including Jennifer pays £2 a week towards costs such as travel and equipment. Signed Songs R Us receive no external funding but have found fun and imaginative ways to raise extra money, including a sponsored head shave and performing at local shopping centres. An impromptu signing of Flower of Scotland to Scottish rugby fans on a train from Inverness brought in £60!


Jennifer works full time as an interpreter and can find fitting in the choir around her job tricky, but well worth it. She spends half a day a week on prep, half a day at rehearsals plus time at performances.


The impact that Signed Songs R Us has had on member’s confidence has been amazing; it’s a testament to the success and importance of the choir.

When Big Big Sing met Signed Songs R Us we immediately got a feeling of the close friendships and the joy that comes from being part of the choir. We’re such big fans of Signed Songs R Us that we invited them to perform at our BIG Big Big Sing in Glasgow in front of thousands.

“The women have gained so much confidence in themselves and are very proud of what we do.” Jennifer

Find out more about Signed Songs R Us on their Facebook page.